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International Civil Mission to Lebanon

from Indymedia Beirut - 26.07.2006 02:12

Immediate cease fire-Solidarity to the people of Lebanon and Palestine

A call for an international civil mission to Lebanon

The Israeli war machine continues to kill hundreds of Lebanese civilians and destroy Lebanon’s infrastructure. The humanitarian crisis is getting worse as days go by. International community (United Nations and European Union included) is unable or unwilling to stop the massacre. Furthermore, the United States support Israeli aggression both politically ant practically. We believe that this is the time for the intervention of social movements. It is extremely important to find the way to make citizen’s voice to be heard. It is critical to promote the demand for an immediate cease fire.

As we did during the siege of Arafat’s compound, we propose to organize an international civil mission to Lebanon. Such a mission would express our solidarity to the people of Lebanon and Palestine and demand the immediate cease fire.


PRESS RELEASE 27/08/2006 (scroll down)

In Greece we have already started the preparation of a civil mission. Right now it seems highly possible to arrive at the area by the end of next week.

We know that activists from all over Europe are interested in participating in the project. We are sure that altogether we can construct a unified international mission.

It is time to act!

For information and contact with the delegation from Greece, please contact companero Yannis Almpanis on yannisalmpanis@hotmail.com or by phone to companero Guido on the following number 0030 6934564917 (speaks English, Italian and French).

This petition is signed by the following members of the Greek Social Forum:
Tassos Koronakis, Loukia Kotronaki, Antonis Ntavanellos, Natassa Theodorakopoulou, Yannis Almpanis, Nikos Giannopoulos, Vaggelis Karageorgos, Elthina Aggelopoulou

علّق على المقال

end of week= 29 July or 5 August?

> Right now it seems highly possible to arrive at the
> area by the end of next week.

Does this mean around 27-29 July (this week) or around 3-5 August (next week)?

Press Release
Greek Delegation to Lebanon

Press release

Greek delegation to Lebanon

Tomorrow (28/08/2006) morning a Greek delegation to Lebanon is leaving
Athens. The delegation is expected to arrive at Beirut on Saturday, the
29th. The Greek activists together with people from France, Austria, Germany
and India are going to form a unified international civil mission. Its task
is to promote the demand for an immediate cease-fire and express the
solidarity of social movements to the people of Lebanon.

Today in a press conference held in Athens representatives of the Greek
delegation said that after the fiasco of the Rome conference the so-called
international community actually gave a green light to Israel to wipe out
Lebanon and Palestine. They added that the key point for a fair and enduring
peace in Middle East is the withdrawal of the Israeli army from all occupied
Arab territories and the formation of an independent sovereign state in the
borders of ’67.

The following organizations participate in the Greek delegation:
Greek Social Forum, Association Intifada, Public Sector Workers
Confederation, Confederation of Professors, Union of Hospital Doctors of
Thessaloniki, Antiwar Internationalist Movement, Antiwar Movement of
Rethymno, Network for Political and Social Rights, Synaspismos-Coalition of
the Left (European Left Party), NAR (New Left Current), newspaper Avgi

Athens 27/7/2006

If you want to communicate with the Greek delegation you can call at these
numbers: 0090 6944740587, 0030 6934564917