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Egyptian security arrests activists and media people

from !-Mad - 01.06.2005 00:00

Egyptian Security arrests activists and media people Only few hours before the referendum on the adjusting of the construction Article 76, the Egyptian security arrested some of the activists and media people, among them a member of the Arab Network for Human Rights Information and four members of Al Adalla Center for Human Rights, and Youth for Change Group. This incident contradicts the current Government claims of Democracy and political reform. Government representatives and Media means used to describe the construction adjusting as "a turning point in the political history of Egypt"

The recent arrests come as a part of a security wild attack on all the political groups that oppose the adjusting form of the construction Article.76 as it is approved by the Parliament. Hundreds of the Brotherhood members were arrested, and violent attacks by the security were lunched against the opposition demonstrations in different parts of Egypt. Recently, one of the Brotherhood members was killed by a tear gas bomb in one of the security attacks on a peaceful demonstration. On the other hand, a huge propaganda is being done by the Government media to disguise the so called "political reform" with a complete ignorance of the opposition groups view points. The signed organizations are calling the Egyptian Ministry of Inferior for an urgent release of all the arrested activists opposing the current form of the construction adjusting. They also call the Egyptian Government to prove its credibility regarding the political reform in Egypt by allowing all the opposition groups to express themselves by all the legal means including their right in organizing peaceful demonstrations. Activists who are arrested in May 23, 2005: Abdou Abdel Aziz Hamada, Dr. Gamal Abdel Fattah, Ali Mahmoud, Ahmed Fouad, Rasha Azab. Signed Organizations: 1.. The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information 2.. South Center for Human rights 3.. Nadeem Center for Psychological Therapy and Rehabilitation of the Victims of Violence 4.. Egyptian Association against Torture 5.. Rural Studies Center 6.. The Association for Human Rights Legal Aid 7.. The Egyptian Center for the Rights of the Child 8.. Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights 9.. Hisham Mubarak Law Center 10.. Egyptian Center for Housing Rights 11.. Awlad Elard Institution for Human Rights 12.. Habi Center for Environmental Rights 13.. The Arab Program for Human Rights Activists 14.. Democratic Lawyers Collective 15.. The Egyptian Social Democratic Center 16.. The Egyptian Association for Community Participation Enhancement 17.. The Coordinating Committee for Defending Labor Rights and Freedoms

Homepage: http://hrinfo.net/en/reports/2005/pr0524.shtml

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